SensoQuest GmbH was founded 2005.   Sensoquest logo

The team of physicists, engineers and biologists have developed and manufactured thermocycler for established companies since early 1990 talet. The latest technology and the choice of far the best materials providing instruments with long-lasting, smooth and flexible use.
SensoQuests LabCycler is a termocycler with a range of innovative features.


LabVision delivers SensoQuests Thermocycler with blocks 96 and/or 384 and 48 tubes.
Option of three separate groups of 21 samples independently controlled.
The blocks are available in aluminum or gold plated silver and of course with the gradient function.
Touch screen with a Windows environment provides an easy operation.

The quality is reflected throughout the 5-year instrument warranty!
Termocycler for PCRBlock96


  • Easy operation via touch screen in the Windows environment.
  • Storing all method descriptions.
  • Gold plated silver block provides the best thermal characteristics.
  • Tests for more than 600,000 cycles without noticeable changes.
  • Blocks of 48 tubes, 96 or 384 well format 3 x 21 samples in simultaneous and independent cycling.
  • Block change can be done in seconds.
  • With or without gradient function.
  • Copy software between units.

Labcyclern has a processor controlled block with separately controlled peltier element witch provides extra ordinary temperature homogeneity at high heating and cooling scales.
State-of-the-art peliter element has driven more than 600,000 cycles so far without any errors.
This brings more than 15 years of service life even under the most demanding conditions, such as DNA sequencing on a daily basis.
Two labcyclers can be connected with an RS232 cable. This allows easy copying of programs or directory from one device to another.
TFT touch screen in combination with the self-explanatory software makes the instruments very easy to use.
Basic and Gradient thermal cycler is compatible with all blocks.