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BMG Labtech is a specialized manufacturer of detection equipment for microplates.
Microplate readers are used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, as well as in academic research institutions for basic research, analysis and high throughput screening.
BMG Labtech focuses exclusively on the microplate reader and offers the most versatile range of optical detection system associated with the integration of automated liquid handling equipment.
BMG Labtech started their business in Offenburg, Germany in 1989 by develop and produce high-quality readers and microplate handling system. BMG conducts a worldwide sales and support both from the headquarters in Offenburg through subsidiaries, regional offices and distributors. It has led to the microplate reader with innovative technology and the reliability and quality that you would expect from BMG Labtech.
BMG's highly trained team of engineers and scientists are specialists in biology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry and physics. FoU engineers who develop microplate readers are experts in the fields of electronics, mechanics, physics and design.
The highest priority for BMG Labtech is to have satisfied users.
BMG achieve this goal by not only offer excellent microplate readers, but also by providing personalized customer support that is not available in larger companies. BMG Labtech service centers have specialists who are always on hand to guide you with your program so that you get the most out of your equipment. This close collaboration allows BMG Labtech to understand and contribute to the development of instruments to meet the changing needs of the microplate reader market.