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Biochrom Ltd. was founded in 1970 as Biocal, manufacturing amino acid analyzers.
In 1972 the company was bought by LKB and LKB Biochrom Ltd became in 1974 the second company established in the now world-famous Cambridge Science Park.
Biochrom then became part of the Pharmacia Group, and gradually the product range has been expanded with many new and industry-leading products.
In 1999 the company was bought by Harvard Apparatus Inc. and changed its name to Biochrom Ltd.
Today Biochrom have a comprehensive and sophisticated range of Libra and WPA spectrophotometers and microplate instrumentation.
Biochroms amino acid analyzers are sold worldwide through an international distribution network.
Biochroms products are used for many applications in the clinical as well as in life science and industrial sector.


ExpertPlusMicroplate readers with evaluation software


atlantisMicroplate washers